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Diversity in the tech sector is a hot topic these days. Back in 2012, Majora was working with clients in Seattle and San Francisco, and heard a recurring sentiment from government and industry leaders alike regarding what could be done to incorporate local young adults from low-status communities into this ever-growing part of the economy: very little...

After researching the market, her team discovered that many entry level tech jobs were offshored to Eastern Europe and Asia, but that many in the industry were dissatisfied with this arrangement. In addition, statistics showed that hiring bias was real, and impervious to training credentials or notions of ‘meritocracy’. These jobs represented on-the-job education, peer to peer network building, and income, to people who needed all three; plus a valuable service to local developers.

StartUp Box opened for business in 2014 and is expanding to Austin, Minneapolis/St Paul, Philadelphia, and Oakland.