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City Inspired is a little platform with big aspirations.  It was created by James Keblas withRachel WhiteAlex HudsonDavid PynchonAlex Gamburg, and Joey Glocke to help civic leaders get good ideas about how to make their communities better.  Think of it as a playlist of the most inspired public action happening in the world.

We sift through the clutter of public policy and discourse to find the communities who are facing their challenges and taking advantage of opportunities at the highest common denominator.  We put a spotlight on ideas that are brave, different and creative.  We then break these actions down with an economist’s point of view into digestible, take-away talking points.

The goal of City Inspired is to learn from others and for people to realize that greatness is possible in their hometown by seeing what’s being done in other towns. These ideas are meant to be taken, improved upon, and taken again.