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Sydney Martin

Effective Altruism
Sydney is an advocate for smart charity work, for both donors and nonprofits, she is an outspoken armchair philosopher with a focus on impact, and an administrative powerhouse. She is an organizer of the local effective altruism group, a network of people dedicated to asking how they can have the biggest impact on the world around them through the use of analysis, evidence, and lots of deep thinking. The effective altruism movement is a new way of looking at philanthropy that encourages donors, advocates, and organizations to think innovatively and critically about how they can do the most good through out their lifetime. Sydney works to bring together a group of passionate individuals to discuss what it means to do the most good, talk about philanthropy, and to improve our understanding of the world and ourselves. After working for years in the nonprofit and public realm she recently transitioned to bring her administrative skills to the private sector. 

My Keynote Speakers & Presenters Sessions

Wednesday, July 6

8:00am PDT