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Sola Plumacher

City of Seattle Human Services Department
Strategic Advisor
Ms. Plumacher is responsible for providing leadership over a continuum of services with the goal of ensuring our community is safe, stable and self-reliant. Through CSA efforts, families and individuals have access to a multitude of resources, programs, and/or services that include: homeless services, food and meal programs.  She serves as a board member of the National Human Services Data Consortium. In addition, Ms. Plumacher is the former manager of the Safe Harbors HMIS system at the City of Seattle.  Prior to working with the City she implemented the initial HMIS system for Snohomish County Human Services Department and developed the Ending Homelessness Program.  In addition to this work, she is active in addressing institutional racism and social justice and efforts, is a former direct service provider for homeless youth, spent time on Olympia lobbying for improved Human Service policy and anti-poverty issues.