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Brian Kurtz

Post-Scarcity Ventures
Brian is passionate about harnessing the power of design, technology and entrepreneurship to strategically align cross-sector efforts to achieve the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. He works with executive teams at startups, Fortune 500, and inter-gov agencies to market new ventures, develop leaders and service the greatest needs of the world.

Most recently Brian served as Intrapreneur at Telstra, Australia's largest Telecom and Media company. As Chief of Staff in the Chief Technology & Innovation Office he led operations and strategic initiatives on behalf the CTO. In addition he spearheaded Telstra's efforts to foster a local innovation ecosystem.

He was recognized as a 'Social Intrapreneur' by the BMW Foundation for establishing 'The League of Intrapreneurs', a nationwide network of professional innovators rallying top Australian institutions around humanitarian causes.

Formerly Brian played a key role in the national expansion of Hub Australia, the country's largest cross-sector co-working space network comprised of social entrepreneurs, tech startups, academia, NGOs and government innovators.

Brian is a strategist with new business, product and market development expertise. He has visited over 50 Innovation Labs across five continents and semi-regularly speaks on corporate innovation, entrepreneurship, and cross-sector collaboration. After New York his favourite cities are Barcelona, Melbourne, and Berlin.