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Annette Dhami

Impact Hub Brixton & Impact Hub Islington
General Manager
Islington & Brixton
I'm working on:
- How can Impact Hub Brixton become a local community asset, helping to bring local people together for empathetic and positive-focused solutions about the challenges facing an area struggling with gentrification?
- How can Impact Hub Islington become a space to bring people together to tackle the unjustified levels of poverty and disadvantage within one of the most privileged boroughs in the country?

I'd love to have conversations with anybody who is exploring similar issues to share learnings and ideas.

Things I've worked on in the past include:
- Creating structures and systems to help teams to have improved experiences within their roles with Impact Hub

- Data-driven approaches to strategy and monitoring, including developing cost-benefit analyses and performance KPIs

- Collaborative strategic decision-making with teams, including setting our financial priorities and key focus.